Sun, Jul 08, 2018

Divine Direction: Go or No?

Now, let me talk to you about the title of this message. Divine Direction: GO or NO? The question is Go or No? Here is the big idea of this message is. It is our mindset in the way we approach the will of God… or receiving Divine Direction! I have observed many, people who love God…yet...they have a “NO” mindset when it comes to receiving DIVINE DIRECTION. What is a NO mindset? It is when we automatically assume that God is telling us NO! That God’s first answer is NO! God…should I change jobs? NO! Should I get married? NO! Should I go on a mission trip? NO! Should I teach a class? NO! Should I serve in a ministry? NO! Here is the problem…it is very subtle…if God does not give us a clear and definite yes…then we won’t do anything. As a matter of fact…most people use two phrases that imply a NO mindset…and most are not even aware of it. What are the two phrases? (1) God is not calling me…or is God calling you? (2) God is not leading me…is God leading you…or “I don’t feel led.” We say things like I don’t feel called or I don’t feel led. God is not leading me to…teach, change jobs, get involved…you fill in the blank…with your situation! Now…what if we approached it from a GO mindset? What if I said…God…I am going to change jobs…unless I hear a no! I am going to teach a class…unless I hear a no! I am going on a mission trip…UNLESS you tell me no! Wow! Wow! Wow! Just think of what would be done for the Lord…if we developed a Go mindset…instead of a NO mindset!
Duration:38 mins 39 secs