Today, I want to talk to you about DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE. In your life…you will face impossible situations. It could be something that happens to you…or it could be something that God is leading you into…something He is asking you to do! Did you know that if you have God in a box…then you will not be able to do the impossible? Now, when I say do the impossible…I am talking about God using you to do something that looks impossible. I am talking about being partnership with God. Are you facing an impossible situation? It may be a health issue, a relationship issue, a financial issue, it doesn’t matter what it is…the key here is to let God out of the box…so He can use you to do the impossible. There are some folks here this morning that God calling you to do the impossible? It is time for you to Let God out of the box! How do we…do the impossible…lets read Exodus 17.
Duration:42 mins 41 secs