I read a story the other day about how Arabian horses are trained in the middle east. The horses must learn to fully obey their master. This obedience is tested by depriving the horse of water for many days and then turning it loose near water. As the horse gets to the edge of the water, and just before they drink the much-needed water. The trainer blows his whistle. If the horse has learned to obey it will turn around and come back to the trainer who then gives it as much water as it needs. The trainer knows what his horse needs and will not allow it to die of thirst, but the horse must trust him. In the same way…God knows what His children need and will to supply it, but we must trust and obey Him. Today, I want to talk to you about growing in obedience! Learning to obey is paramount. We need to especially obey the voice of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word so that we will continue to grow and mature as a believer!
Series:Next Steps
Duration:42 mins 40 secs