Today, we are beginning a new series on sin. What is sin? Sin is when we MISS THE MARK. Anything that God has set as a standard and we do not meet that standard…is sin! It is more that just murder or lying. We sin when we miss the mark of loving others the way that God teaches us to love! Our series is entitled…Sin…what is the big deal? Did you know that some people do not believe in sin?  The truth is…sin touches everything in our lives.  Sin is at the root of all the problems in the world!  This world is sin stained!  Sin is at the root of all the problems in your family.  Sin is at the root of all the problems you face!  You see we are all touched by sin!  That is why Romans 3:23 says…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.  There has only been one who has not been stained by sin.  And that is Jesus!  Guess what…we are not Jesus!  All humanity has been contaminated by sin.  If we do not understand sin…then sin will affect our worship and our desire to worship!  If we do understand how sin affects our lives…then we will not understand all that God has done for us…and that affects our worship!  Our worship will be cold and indifferent!  We won’t sing and enter in to worship!  We won’t get excited about coming to church and hearing a message!  We won’t get involved in ministry!  We won’t live a holy life!  A poor understanding of sin hinders our worship!
Duration:32 mins 55 secs