Two weeks ago, we talked about the responsibility of being good stewards with what God has given us. Out time, talent, and our treasure. Today, I am talking to you about being a steward of your mind! Why is being a good steward of your mind important? Because your mind is a battlefield. We must learn to be vigilant in our thoughts. We must learn to think about what we are thinking about. Your mind is extremely powerful…we can use our minds for good, for praising, helping, and for honoring God…or we can be lazy with our minds…and dishonor God…and get ourselves into pain and problems…and ultimately self-destruction. Today’s message is life changing…or it can be…if you will take it and put it into practice. Remember what James 1:27 says…do not be hearers only…but be doers of the Word!
Duration:44 mins 20 secs