Sat, Jul 20, 2013

Be...Longing: The Disciple

We must remember that to help THE UNTOUCHABLE, THE DESPERATE AND THE FORGOTTEN it will cost us! It will cost us our pride, our time, our energy, our efforts, our money...and much more! When I say it will cost us...I do not mean all of us together...I mean each of us! Individually! These messages are not about "ALL of US". These messages are individual! Today's message is called the disciple. It is not the disciples...plural or many. It is about is about you. We are a church with the community at heart...when you...yes I said you...are moved by love and compassion to help others! You do not have to wait for me, you do not have to wait until all of us do do what you can do...right where you are! Here is why...only you can help someone BE...LONG!