Sun, Jun 30, 2013

Be...Longing: The Untouchables

Everyone has a longing to "BE" be something...some people want to "BE" accepted, some want to "BE" rich, some want to "BE" a father or a mother, or a husband or a wife, some want to be successful, some want to "BE" president. Everyone has a longing to "BE" be is the one starts off in life saying I want to "BE" a prostitute, or addicted to drugs, or an alcoholic, or a murderer, or married 3 or 4 times, or living with 3 or 4 or 5 different people or broke all of my life or existing day to day. So...what happens? How do we end up going through the motions of life and ending up in a situation that is not God's best for us? It sounds too simple...the problem is that while we are trying to "BE" something...or even discover what God wants us to "BE"....we have a basic human need to belong. We have a longing to "BE" and a longing to belong!